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The three definitive steps of motivation

Lack of motivation is a problem that directly affects the development of the day to day people, whether on personal life and professional.

When you have a new endeavor you need good motivation to face it so these three steps can help you.

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  • Be positive.

When you’re in a bad move you usually take less decisions and avoid thinking about subjects that causes us laziness, discomfort or uneasiness. On the other hand being optimist is a great demonstrations of emotional intelligence. When a person is positive he will have better mood and he will be more productive.

Being positive is an attitude that it’s on every bodies hand. To have a more optimistic mentality it’s not mandatory to make huge changes in your life. You can start just by being more kind to people, avoid being dogmatic regarding your opinions or try new leisure activities.

Some authors like Eduardo Punset point out the need to step ahead and leave aside the “I like it” to achieve the “I’m in love” with what I do.

  • Reward and reward yourself

The reward is always more motivational than the punishment. Acting in your life knowing that your efforts are rewarded is more rewarding than to be afraid of making mistakes in making a decision and be penalized. However, the awards should not only come from outside , but must begin at home . When you do a good job or you make a right decision , enjoy it and be aware.On the other hand , you’ll like your environment recognize and reward your good performances. Do the same with them. Be thankful for the people around you and see their strengths will serve to achieve a greater self-esteem.

  • Surround yourself with a good environment

Emotions, moods and therefore motivation are closely related to each environment. Surround yourself with a good group of people not only lead to a better environment, but also facilitate the improvement and productivity. When someone is in a group where change seems possible, the chances of this occurring will be more real. Find a local circle in which you feel comfortable and integrated, it will create a climate of confidence and security.

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