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What can we do to increase our motivation every day

Often we hear how important it is to be motivated to achieve our goals. Even more in this times of financial crisis, when it feels like we need a double shot of motivation to get to that precious place.

Motivation is an internal state that activates, directs and maintains the people’s conduct towards goals or purposes. It is the impulse that drives the person to perform certain actions and persist in them for completion. Motivation is what gives energy and direction to the conduct, is the cause for behavior.

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The motivation is a process that goes through several phases. Initially the person anticipates that is going to feel good (or stop feeling bad) if a goal is achieved. Secondly, that person activates and begins to do things to achieve that goal. As long as he’s walking towards it, he will assess if he’s going through the right path or not, that is, make a performance feedback. And finally, enjoy the result.

There are many individual differences between what motivates a person and the strength in their motives. That is, each person has their own motivation that can be very different from one another. Also, there are people that have a lot of energy to achieve their goals and others that lack that energy. Persistence is another variable that not everyone have it.

Motivation is dynamic, is in constant movement flow, in a perpetual state of growth and decline. There are days when you can have so much energy to fight for something and others when you have problems to do the exact same thing.

Given the many complex features that have motivational processes are some things you can do to increase it.

What things can you do to increase your motivation?

  • Develop a good plan of action. Divide your final goal in smaller sub-goals. These milestones will get you closer to your final line. Don’t forget to celebrate each and everyone of them.
  • Save your physical and mental energy and apply it into what you want to achieve. Do not waste it in things that get you farther from your goal.
  • Do not skimp on effort and decision. If a particular step is needed to achieve your goal, do it. Sometimes we need to spend time or money short term to achieve a long term objective. Look at it like an inversion rather than an expense.
  • Never lose sight of your goal. When you have setbacks, assume them as part of the process. Everything has its good side and its bad side.
  • Do not waste time complaining. It only takes away energy and don’t solve anything.
  • Force yourself to act. There will be occasions when you will have low energy and others when you will have to perform tasks that you don’t like. In those times: self-control. Make yourself do it, don’t think about if you feel like it or not. In fact, you don’t need “to want” to do it. We all make things through the day that we don’t want to do and we do them.
  • Be surrounded by optimistic people, that fight for what they want to achieve. Everything is contagious, optimism and pessimism.
  • Focus in what you’ve achieved, not in what’s left to do.
  • And above all, enjoy the road. Because human beings enjoy the illusion when fighting for things, not when achieved. Once you’ve achieved tour goal, you’ll have to find a new one to be excited about.

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